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Right a bit about my current small collection. I am down to three cars at the moment and have dropped below my combined power threshold of 1000bhp which are as follows.

Mk1 Eunos (130bhp ish)


This is standard engine except for 323 cam cover but has Meister suspension and Watanabe Wheels, which are just the right shade of purple. It also has a Carbing Roll bar and a lip on the front and a bit of duck tail spoiler on the back. This was my first MX5 and started the car problems I have now.

Mk2 MX5 (225bhp when it’s behaving itself)


This has a Begi Turbo system and a whole list of other goodies but is quite temperamental but when she’s running sweet, man she flies. I have given her a name which is Furia Buia, this means Night Fury in Italian.

You may have noticed that there is a bit of an Italian theme running through my Blog. I lived in Northern Italy for nearly five years and my ex-wife is Italian and from Monza and her and my Son live in Italy so I get to spend time in Monza every month.

The last car in my fleet is my latest addition and I’m still getting used to it. It’s a bit of a beast.

Nissan R33 Skyline GTR (560bhp ish)


She is a 95 with bigger turbos and higher lift cams than normal. On a recent dyno run she was putting out about 500bhp at the wheels which is adequate for my needs. She is great fun to drive and as you would imagine bloody quick. I will be bringing her to Trax so if your coming you will get to see her. Next Sunday I’m driving her to Italy for my holidays which should be an epic adventure and I will be updating this blog with my adventures and maybe a bit of video.

In the photo of the Skyline you will see my old Scooby which I sold back to the guy I bought it from. It is running about 270bhp and was a great car, quite sad to see her go but it does mean that I need to start looking for something to get my bhp total back above a 1000bhp.


Well there has been a bit of a change in the fleet. My Mk 1 MX5 has technically left the fleet as she has become a bit of a slag. After a short stay with my friend Sue while she was getting her MX5 painted, she has now been “transferred” into the care of my good friend Jamie. He has just sold his turbo’d MK2 MX5.


He has now ordered a very nice RX7 from Japan which should be here in mid October.


So for a short while I was down to only two cars. The Skyline, which I took across Europe on holiday (check out my Blog of the Trip) and Furia Buia.

I am now back up to three cars and back above my 1000bhp which I am very happy about. I have added another Scooby to the fleet but this time a Legacy GTB Wagon called Sophia.



I know, I didn’t name her she already had the name when I bought her off another friend.

She is a 2 litre twin turbo with about 280bhp and has 125000 miles. She is quite clean and is so nice to drive after the other two. She is quite “Normal” without a clutch that is trying to rip your leg off and more to the point a bit more economical.

Before you ask I am not doing any modifications to Sophia, well maybe a few.

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