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Well here we go!!!!

il viaggio, it’s Italian for the journey and this is where I am going to write about mine and my cars journey through this mad world of cars, shows, meets and just hanging out with some very cool people.

I’m going to quickly introduce myself. My forum name is Hammi, don’t ask, it’s a long story and involves ex girlfriends and stuff. My real name is Richard and I don’t answer to Dick, Dickie or the like. unless of course I am being a Dick and then feel free to mention it.

I’m older than most of, if not all of you and I’ve now made it to a half century which I’m very glad about as it was looking a bit doubtful for a while. I don’t think this gives me any great insight into the human condition. I am still just a twenty something kid inside who gets just as excited now when I hear a nice exhaust note or see the beautiful lines of a Supercar as I did when I was young.

Right bored with this now, onto the more interesting stuff.


So what’s been happening? Well completed my epic trip to Italy in the Skyline. It was a great holiday all round and the driving, although tiring was good. She really is an amazing car. She covered 2600 miles in heavy traffic, on high speed motorway and mountain passes without missing a beat.


The front lip took a pounding though. It’s so low that it touches every bump or ramp and I’m probably going to change it for something that gives a bit more clearance.


Been getting the Skyline ready for TRAX which was hard work. Looks like the engine bay hasn’t been cleaned in years and it took ages to get it nice. It’s still not perfect by any means and really not sure whether I can be bothered to spend days getting it right. The interior came up pretty well. For an 18 year old car it’s in good condition inside. There are a few things that I want to change, just because they are a bit tatty really.

TRAX was really good fun, as I expected. The camping was a bit wet but as I was with a great crew we had a lot of fun. Quite a lot of drinking was done and as a result I may have peaked a bit early.


So we were up early and headed off to the circuit with our little group of diverse cars. We had several MX5’s as was to be expected but also a very sporty sounding Yaris and the other Richard had brought his Dads Citroen C4 because his MX5 was broken.

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